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Monday, December 20, 2010

i-City Shah Alam

I have been hearing stories about i-City in Shah Alam.

People are buzzing about how beautiful the place is.

They have their pictures at i-City on Facebook and even made it as their profile pictures.

So I was wondering, is it really something so cool everyone should go see?

How awesome is the place? Is it a must see place in Malaysia right now?

I don't know. Looking at my friends' pictures on Facebook, I don't see anything special about the place. I didn't get really excited to really go and check out the place.

Since I was in KL last weekend, my sister and I decided that, why not go to see i-City ourselves.

So, we did.

I gotta say the moment I saw the sea of lights in front of my very eyes, I was kind impressed and taken by surprise to see the dazzling light showcase.

The place was huge and there were like lots and lots of lights. And with the different kind of shapes and colors, the place looked like a theme park to me, with millions of LED lights to brighten up the night.

It was drizzling when we arrived but we thought it would be just alright since we'd come all the way from KL.

I think since Christmas is just around the corner, they had this little small area where they put up like replicas of a Santa and stuffs like that.

And there was also this giant life-size replica of a giraffe that I really wanted to take picture with. 

But, only after just about 10 minutes there, the drizzling rain suddenly turned to be cats and dogs. It was really unfortunate that we didn't get to see all of the stunning lights there. We managed to get only a few photos due to that.
But all in all, i-City was indeed one hell of a pretty little place to visit.

I must say that I would come here again to take more pictures and visit the entire place.

As for now, I can proudly say and tell people that I have visited i-City Shah Alam.


2 Comment:

Una Ulala said...

i-city memang best lah
baru sekali pegi tu pon xpuas.
haha :D

Memer said...

Tu la,kena pegi lagi, la,xdpt tangkap banyak gmbar,huhuuhu

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