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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One mission next semester, the final semester in JB,hoyeah!

End of 2010 is coming, which will also mark the beginning of 2011, a year I most dread about.


I am not going to write about it now because I have something more exciting and fun to write here.

As much as I despise being in JB, which is like so far away from my family and home, it is not all bad though. I am kinda priviliged to be studying here though because if not, I will never ever step my foot on the state of Johor. I have no relatives here, so chances are Johor will still be in my never-visit-states list.

More exciting is JB is a walk away from Singapore. Okay, that's too much of exaggerating, but it's kinda true. Singapore is just nearby. The only thing that stops us, or rather me from going is the money issue, with the currency bla bla bla. That obviously does not permit me to go Singapore as many times as I wish.

Yes, I was in Singapore last July and it was indeed a fun trip. But, I do wanna go there again next year like so badly.

And the one place I wanna go see and visit is...

are you ready...

Any guess?


Okay, it's the new iconic landmark of Singapore, which is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. I could die if I could stay there even for just a night! ~in my dreams of course~

I read about the hotel from a blog run by the lovely Hanie Hidayah, Just Another Average Jane. She was one of the lucky bloggers who had the opportunity to stay at the hotel and she had written and shared some awesome stories and pictures of the amazing hotel.

So, what is so special about the hotel?

First of all, the building, the architecture or whatever you call it, is AMAZEBALLS. If  Petronas tower in Malaysia is twins, this one is triplets.


Could you just die? The building is so fascinating to me, you can see it from afar. I just can't wait to go to Marina Bay and snap tons of pictures with this building as the background. Because that's the least I can do, I think because there is no way I can afford to stay there.

Another thing about this hotel that really takes my breath away is the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. It is located on the top of the 50-storey building and let me tell you, the scenery is breathtaking and TO DIE FOR! I could die!!!

Look at the amazing infinity pool and the panoramic view, can you say more?

Not forgetting, the viewing/observation deck situated on top of the third tower of Marina Bay Sands Hotel is absolutely one hot spot to chill and relax. With the beautiful view and perfect scenery of the whole Singapore City, COULD YOU DIE?

I told my sister about this hotel, and to my surprise, she had been there before during her last visit to Singapore. She was given a private tour around the hotel by her ex-staff who is currently working there. How could she not tell about it? Envy!!!

Have I mentioned here that there is also a shopping mall situated right behind the hotel? DIE DIE DIE
With only a few pictures I put up here, who out there could die by just looking at it?


It is AMAZING and I couldn't wait for next year to go visit Marina Bay to see and check this hotel out myself. By that, I mean from afar. T_T'''

Unless, somebody filthy rich happens to read my blog and is generous and kind enough to give me a free stay at the luxurious hotel, the humble me is more than willing to accept it. Hahahahaha.

That's all.


4 Comment:

Melancholic Fool said...

bawak aku mer kalo nak pi... cantik gile... cuma aku tanak stay la.. bangunan tu cantik...

Memer said...

Sure thing man. Jom pegi ramai2!
passport+money and yeeeha, off we go! :)

hojiayiing said...

thanks for inviting me to your blogs memer~

wah, i am SUPER FASCINATED for this marina bay sands!! how could i have not known bout its existance?! (lucy kan, ape ape pun taktau) hehe

remember to ajak yvonne n i along ya. if jz jalan jalan ambil gambar, i think $10 will be enof for transportation :)

should we go for the morning or night view?haha!

Memer said...

We can go up to the pool area and the Skypark/observation deck for $20 Singapore, we'll see how later, maybe we can spend overnight there, it's gonna be amazing,hahahaa

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