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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dinosaurs come back alive! Arghhhh!

I know, I know, this may sound so absurd and surreal but I am not lying!

I saw it before my very own eyes, kid you not! It was not even a dream. I did see them in flesh.

They were so huge and they were so aggressive, wild and loud!

But the funny thing was, none of the dinosaurs were interested in chasing and hunting me down. That left me bewildered and confused.

Then only I suddenly realized something.

NO! I was not dreaming or hallucinating! How many times must I tell you that? Daaaa

It just hit me that I was at Pusat Sains Negara in Bukit Kiara Kuala Lumpur, watching 32 magnificent life-size dinosaurs, different types of them including a 16-feet Tyrannosaurus and a 23-feet tall Apatosaurus. Big huh?

Me, awed by the size of these dinosaurs! Haha
I hate how he looked! :p
Although they might just be replicas, but let me tell you, lots of kids were frightened by these dinosaurs, including my 3 year old nephew. He kept asking is father to bring him away from the dinosaurs. It was so ironic because he was the one who was so excited about seeing these creatures. ~too much of watching Ultraman of course,daaa~

The fact that they were really moving and making real sounds of dinosaurs made these kids really afraid that some of them actually cried. Huhuhu

Note the sign, DO NOT TOUCH because they bite! Hahaha
I was just thinking to myself, what would happen if these dinosaurs were still alive?

They would eat us alive definitely! Argh!!!

So, will Ultraman come and save us? hahahahahaha, so cartoonish! LOL

This exhibition is called Dinos Alive. The same exhibition took place in Bangkok in 2006 and the Philippines in 2008 and this year, they brought all these dinosaurs to our country.

Real human-mankind mother and baby with Mama and baby dinosaurs.
I would have died if they were real!
I didn't really like this one. So ugly!

I was really excited for God knows why. Hahaha. They looked kinda real though. No surprise why my nephew was so scared of them. LOL

Since it was my first time at Pusat Sains Negara, I took the chance to really explore the entire place.

Goodness me, they were so many things which I would consider too scientific, cannot go one seriously. I couldn't just figure out how certain things worked and what most of the things exhibited and showcased there were for. Obviously SCIENCE is forever not my thing. I never got A for Science subject in any of my exam.

 Nevertheless, I did enjoy myself playing with some of the things there. It was fun, they were like toys. LOL

I didn't know what she's doing at Pusat Sains Negara but she was cute because she danced and sang! Just look at the microphone. LOL
And all these cuties, they danced too! LOL they were so damn cute I just gotta take pictures with them.
Pardon my sheer shameless vanity. LOL. Just FYI, this is called cloning room.
Despite the fact that I despise Science subject in school, be it Physics, Chemistry or Biology, I actually really enjoyed myself being there at Pusat Sains Negara.

So for those who do like dinosaurs and are really interested in checking those dinosaurs out, make your way down to Pusat Sains Negara. But no worries. The exhibition will only end in May 2011, so you still have a lot of time to go there. The dinosaurs will patiently wait for y'all, I believe. LOL.

 Do check out their website here for more information about the Dinos Alive exhibition.

Now, I can tell people that I have seen Dinosaurs "alive"!

And I've been to Pusat Sains Negara!

I'm so proud to be Malaysian! ~not related at all, I know~ hahahahaha


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