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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

I woke up today pretty early, earlier than how I always do during the holidays.
All because I had made a plan to go out today.

So I did.

I went to Jusco because my sister asked me to buy some stuffs for her, so I went and it didn't even occur to me that it is a public holiday today and there was a massive crowd at Jusco. It was jam-packed with people and I was struggling looking for a parking spot.

I was realy tired of driving around looking for a parking spot. What I did was, I parked the car by the road side, waited in the car,hoping that somebody would come, get their car and leave for me their parking spot. And yes, I was lucky that miracle happened. I got a parking spot, but only after waiting for almost 15 minutes. T_T'''

I actually planned to catch a movie, any movie for that matter because I was too bored, but since it is a public holiday today and people went ballistic wanting to watch movies as well, so I decided to just cancel the plan.

I went to buy the things my sister wanted and I immediately went out from Jusco because I just couldn't stand being there. There were too many people I got suffocated.

So I told myself, I didn't get to watch movie, so why not treat myself with a little something something and what's better than indulging myself in a nice yummy frozen yogurt. Hehehehe :D

I've been hearing about this one Yogurt store that sells awesome frozen yogurt and some of friends have also been talking and buzzing about tit. I googled yesterday and I found out that Tutti Frutti is available in Ipoh and it is among their first outlet open outside Klang Valley. I heard so many great and awesome feedback about the yogurt, so I wanted to give a try, and I did.

Tutti what?
Tutti Frutti y'all!!!

Strawberry Field with some toppings I forgot what :p
Since it was my first time there, I decided to give strawberry flavor a try. I am not sure whether or not I can mix the different flavored yogurt together but I think I could but I didn't. Hahaha.

I put some toppings on top, I paid at the counter, I sat down and Oh My Almighty! It tasted like heaven!

I am not really a big fan of yugort, but Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt is definitely one TO DIE FOR!

I am suddenly in LOVE!!!

I think I can eat 20-30-4-50 cups of them! Damn it is so good!

I like the whole concept of the store. It's so simple yet very nice and chic. Before I forget, it is a self-served store where the customers will help themselves and o everything on their own.

The station where you choose the desired flavor.
And add on the toppings at the counter.

I am a very happy person today. Despite the chaotic moment at Jusco earlier, the frozen yogurt just made my day!

With a magazine to read in one hand, Tutti Yogurt Strawberry Field frozen yogurt in the other, could you ask for more?
Remember a quote from the movie Eat,Pray,Love, "The Sweetness of Doing Nothing". I guess this is it.

It was bliss, absolutely! I had a wondeful day! Muah!

I gotta go now to watch the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Bye!

p/s: If you happen to be in Ipoh, the Tutti Frutti Store is located at G-OR-3, Ground Floor, De' Garden, No. 3, Persiaran Medan Ipoh, Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak or you can visit their website here to check their other stores in Malaysia. Trust me, it's worth your every penny!


2 Comment:

TunTeja said...

Kenape Tutti Frutti tu takdak kat Joho?!!!

Memer said...

Siapa kata xda,ada la,nnti boleh la pergi ye,hahaha

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