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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am determined this time!

I have always been complaining about how fat llooking I am now.
Ok,I don't just look fat, but I am fat.
There;s no question that I am bigger especially during this holidays where you have nothing else to do but to sleep and eat almost all the time. So unproductive. oh!

When I tell my friends that "I am fat!" or "I am getting fatter" or "I look fat, don't I?", the response would definitely belike "No, you are not, you look good" or "What? No la, you are just fine for a guy your height" or occasionally "If you are fat, than what does that make me?" hahaha :p

I know I may sound ungrateful because there are so many other people out there who are still struggling with obese issues, like they are fatter, by that I mean really really fat and my body is way better than theirs.
But I just could'nt help but to always compare and look back at how I used to look like before.
For those who already me for quite some time, they would know that I was thinner back then. I was really small than I am now.

I was once 63 Kgs and that was back in 2006, end of 2006 that was and I was still looking good in 2007. But since then, I started to gain more and more weight. and now I am 72 Kilograms.

End of 2005
October 2006
October 2006
November 2006. And yeah, that was Cynthia. hehe
July 2007
September 2007

Okay. Pardon my shameless vanity. Hahaha.

Wondering why is there no current photos of mine for comparison? Hell NO am I gonna put it up here. Hahaha.

The truth is, I want to get back my old figure, I wanna look like how I used to.

But, from the way I am eating now, constantly non stop and enjoying the holidays like nobody's business, there's no way in the world that i am going to get thinner like in these pictures. But I seriously do want to.

So I know I have got to do something, especially when I am watching The Biggest Loser Asia on TV, I know nothing is impossible when it comes to losing weight and looking good, and most importantly, staying healthy. I definitely wouldn't want to die early of over-weight related illness. I gotta start now before it's too late.

With less than a month left for this semester break, I promise to myself that I am going to really watch what I eat and be careful with what I take. And of course, not forgetting a regular work out is vital as well. I have been reading a lot on the internet about diet tips, healthy food to eat, how stay in shape and healthy and so on especially from this blog, darkbatman.com .

Everything seems easy on paper.I know it's not gonna be easy but hell, nothing comes easy in life and I know I really have to put great effort and determination. Seriously, I wanna still look good even when I am in my 30s or 40s.

But of course, I don't want to be like reaching for the stars and have some  irrelevant goals. I kow I can't be like 65 kgs within a month. One step at a time, I believe. ;)

Oh, how I envy those skinny bitches out there who can eat just about anything but can never get fat.
Okay, I shouldn't complain. I am thankful and grateful for what I have. But, it never hurts to make yourself look and feel slightly better, right?  Hahahaha


5 Comment:

Cynth said...

I gained 10kg since SPM. Hope that makes you feel better :P

TunTeja said...

OMG...Anak sapo lah yang ensem sangat tuuuu.wakakaka :p

Memer said...

Cynth: A little better, thanks,heheh
Tun Teja: Komen anda tiada kena mengena dgn post ni,maaf

Cik Bucken said...

amirr!! aku suke gile gaye ko time 2005! SILE KEKALKAN GAYE TU UTK TAHUN 2011~XD nnpk cm bisnessman ok!haha


Memer said...

2005? Masa tu aku umur 18,skrg ni ak dah 24,hahaha

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