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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011

Yeay! I am no longer Urbanscapes-virgin! Hahahahaah

As I mentioned in my previous post, I finally went to my first ever Urbanscapes. I've been wanting to go to Urbanscapes since it started a few years back and this year was my lucky year.

I was really lucky that I won the tickets from the contest on JoyceTheFairy's blog, KinkyBlueFairy. I was really glad that I could even make it to Urbanscapes which I thought I couldn't in the beginning. I basically couldn't pick up the tickets before Friday which I was supposed to from Freeform office somewhere in Petaling Jaya. But the fact that I am from Perak, I wouldn't be able to collect the tix and I had no friends who could do it for me too.

So I thought my dream of going to Urbanscapes was over. But, it was really nice of Joyce to inform me that if I was really coming, she would collect the tix and pass it to me on that Saturday itself. Of course I would say yes. It was really kind+nice+sweet+thoughtful of her to do that for me and I feel the love. So, yes, she did and we met today for the first time. Oh my God let me know, she is so pretty and CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am not exaggerating! She indeed is! For those who have never met her, I am not lying and you've gotta see her in the flesh. She is so petite and arghhh, she is so pretty! PERIOD!

She is pretty+cute and I am so fat. So please ignore me. T_T'''
Okay, I gotta stop talking about her. No wait. I just gotta say I am so happy to finally meet her cos I have been following her blog since 4 years ago and it was like a dream come true as well to finally see the person I always read about and see on her blog all this while. I was completely startsruck!

Okay. Now, move on to what went down today. I was actually with a great company today, my best friend! It was really nice to get to hang out with him after so long.

We took a bus to KL, thinking that it would be easier to move around with public transporation. We took off from Ipoh as early as 7.30 in the morning. Talk about how excited I was to go to KL for Urbanscapes. I actually dragged my friend out of his bed to go out that early! Hahaha

As we reached KL earlier than we should, we decided to walk around Bukit Bintang area since I have not been there for over a year since I left university for JB. Man I tell you, Bukit Bintang has changed tremendously. The last time I was there, Farrenheit and so many things were still under construction and now Bukit Bintang looks super chic!

The one that got my attention most was this place called Sephora. The building looks super chic I*L-O-V-E*I-T!

Earlier that day, I tweeted Joyce and asked her at what time she would be at Urbanscapes and she said she'd be there at 3. My tickets were with her so I could only get in once I got the tickets from her. To kill time, we walked into Pavilion, had our lunch and some window shopping. I'm not in a state where I have the money to spend for shopping, so it really hurt to see stuffs sold real cheap for as low as 70% off. *Sob sob*

Since I didn't wanna be late for my first meeting with Joyce, we decided to head down earlier to Padang Astaka, PJ where Urbanscapes took place this year.

Joyce was a little late, but it was alright. Anything for her. It was really kind of her to collect the tickets for me and it didn't really matter having to wait for her for a little while. After all, she is a super-blogger I adore. Daaaa. I didn't mind waiting.

So, we lepak and sit under the tree and saw loads of people coming in. More and more and more people coming. I was really excited to look at the crowd. It was really happening.

The ticket counter which I didn't have to go through cos I had my tickets for free! Bluek :p

I think this year's venue was bigger than the previous ones in KLPAC. Hence, loads more tents and boots and stalls! Awesome!

Can you spot Joyce? NO!!! I didn't stalk or follow her all the way,alright!

Apart from all these booths selling so many cool items and stuffs, they also had like few stages for music performances by local artistes, among them were Tilu band, Liyana Fizi, Najwa just to name a few. That's what Urbanscapes is all about, creative arts and music is art.

 Everything was basically under one roof. Urbanscapes brings to you all sort of things in one event. They even had this Zapin flashmob by Aswara. Cool! I wanted to join but was so really shy. Heeeee

And not forgetting some spontaneous funny sketch comedy by these famous actors I forgot their names. So bad of me. Sorry. :)

And here are some more pictures I took at Urbanscapes 2011.

It was definitely a day filled with fun, joy, excitement and loads of activities that attract so many different people.

Nice weather, though it was a bit drizzling just for a nano second when I first came but turned out alright and real HOT after that. Felt like summer. LOL

And also bumped into some familiar faces and celebrities like Henry Golding, Hansen Lee, Mingtdabomb, Jezmineblossom and a few others.

I enjoyed it so much even though I had to leave early.

It was a really nice and fun experience.

It's probably going to be my first and last Urbanscapes.

But, at least I can proudly say that I have been to Urbanscapes!

Once again, thanks JoyceTheFairy! :)


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