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Friday, July 15, 2011

I LOVE online contest

You know online contest?

If you don't, you are just an utterly dumb moron. Hahaha :p

I love online contest because it allows people like me to win so many cool prizes and invites to cool events.

I never win anything so big I can boast about so far.

But yeah, I have won a few invites to cool events which none I could ever make it to. Sigh

Yes, apart from following the blogs which I love reading, I am always excited about the variety of contest these bloggers have on their blogs. Especially the ones that require very minimal effort from me to win them. Heeeeeee

I never won gifts or money or anything like that but as far as I could remember, I had won a few invites from different bloggers.

Among them were from Amanda Choe aka Panda's TOOC, Niki Cheong's blog (in which my picture was featured in his blog too) and the latest one was from JoyceTheFairy's kinkybluefairy.

The first two invites were really cool but unfortunately, I couldn't make it to both of the events.

But this one from JoyceTheFairy is the one I'm most excited about because I am going to this event!!!
Anyhoo, I actually won a pair of tickets for Urbanscapes 2011. I've always wanted to go to Urbanscapes but I never had a chance to. However, I am not going to miss it again this year because I have the free tickets with me! Yeay!

I am bringing my best friend to Urbanscapes and it's definitely gonna be so much fun.

Looking forward to being there, enjoying all the great fun activities, seeing so many artsy exhibition, variety of booths and performances from our local acts and of course meeting loads of bloggers whose blogs I follow especially Joyce.

Speaking about online contest or any other contest for that matter, I always envy people who are always so very lucky to win awesome prizes like thousands of cash prizes, gadgets, cars, blah blah blah. I wonder how happy I can be if I were them.

I guess they put much more effort than I always do. Heeeeee.

Yes, I am now determined to try out as many contests be it online contests or those in the newspapers. Who knows one fine day, lady luck might be on my side and I win something big this time. Yeay.

Arghhhh, I am excited for Urbanscapes this Saturday.

Now, what am I gonna wear?


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