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-Dale Turner-

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

End of this Sem

I just can not believe that this semester is over.
It feels like it just started.
With all the dramas going on (I am NOT a drama queen ok),
the sacred secrets that i found out about some of my friends,
the tragedy that took place.
I just cannot imagine that this semester has finally come to the end.
This semester has been awesome and great for me.
I have learned a lot from different people.
And this semester gave me a whole lot more oportunity to get to know some of my friends better although we have apparently been together for 4 years.
There are so much more to discover about them.
I just cannot wait for next semester to kick off although i know it will be a whole lot more tougher semester than before.


So last night we all went celebrate our last day this semester.
They chose to have it at Kajang, Satay Kajang to be exact.
It was a blast.
We enjoyed the satay very much.

I am so going to miss you guys during the holidays.
Maybe only some of you,hahahahaha.
See you all again next semester.
Happy Holidays!!!!

6 Comment:

Melancholic Fool said...


next semester will be hell... with thetre and all...

wait for it... Drama of teslian stupidity... season 5... coming soon this summer... cewah!

MeMeR said...

tesl cohort 4 is so freaking full of dramas,

Yvonne Ling said...

Happy Holidays!
Miss the times in TM class sitting in front of u :P

vines said...

amir...d biggest achievement for all of us is we successfully finished our fourth year...hope we all can cope up with pn.ju and the dramas...

MeMeR said...

Pn Ju is fine for me,
she is NOT yet getting on my nerve,
gud luck for all us..
To Yvonne, gonna miss sitting behind you as well

Cynth Dorhat said...

tough sem ahead. sigh... gotta have sufficient energy...

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