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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Finale


For big fans of American Idol, the 8th season of the singing competition will soon come to an end where we will together witness the final battle between the final contenders, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. I didn’t really get to follow this season’s competition but I do know who the crowd’s favorite is. Without any doubt, Adam Lambert is definitely everyone’s favorite to win the competition this year. But I am routing for Kris Allen. Why? Because I think Adam Lambert is just too hot for television show and he is over rated. He is indeed good, rockingly awesome. He is one hell of a rocker. But can the rock music bring him far in the industry? I don’t think so. On the other hand, Kris Allen brings the kind of music that is, I would say, very current and relevant to the music industry today, the likes of One Republic and stuffs like that. Adam’s fans must be very angry as they read this entry but that is solely my opinion. I am just afraid that Adam Lambert will soon become exactly like David Cook who doesn’t seem to do well compared to the last season’s runner up, David Archuletta. Whatever it is, my instinct strongly tells me that Adam Lambert is going to win this. Let’s together wish them good luck and let the best man win.

3 Comment:

Cynth Dorhat said...

i love it when adam sang mad world!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

u got ur wish mer, kris won :)

MeMeR said...

I know, i know, you dont know how happy i am Manda,
I think kris will have a bright future ahead with pop singer-songwriter kinda album.
As for Adam,his future in the music industry is bright for him as well, no worries for all his fans k,

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