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-Dale Turner-

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hola Holi-days!

Many must be wondering where I am now.
You might just notice my absence due to the lack of updates in my blog.
As you know, it is the holiday season.
I gotta say, I am not going to able to write and blog as much as I want during the holidays.
But its okay.

Nothing much took place for the last couple of days since the holidays started.
All I do is sleep,eat,watch tv,sleep,eat and the boring routine goes on and will continuously be as it is for the entire two freaking months of semester break.
I know it sounds so unproductive and I will probably suffer from the extreme weight gain if I continue with this amazingly dull routine.
I am loving it though.
However, i gotta admit that it has slowly got to me.
It is getting so redundant and it slowly bores me but what am I to do?
I cannot go out anywhere because I gotta save money to buy myself a new laptop.

But YES!
I am going to Melaka next week to attend the conference I wrote about previously here.
Looking forward to that.

In the mean time, I will try as much as possible to make my holidays as much productive as I can.
I cannot help to gain weight during this holidays.
What I need is to lose more and more to make sure that I look good and smash-hit (exaggerating much?whatever,haha) when I go back to Johor Bahru this coming July.
Gotta pull the strength to push myself to work out.
Wish me well people.

Till then....

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