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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is it the last Transformers?

I just got back from watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

I know. Call me so yesterday, call me lame. I just got to watch it. So what?

It's been a while actually since I last watched movies in cinema. Not really a movie person. Another reason why it took me so long to watch Transformers.

Today, I was really bored. I didn't know what to do. So I made the  decision to go out and catch the movie while I can. I know it's an awesome movie. I never missed the previous two Transformers movies and that really pushed me to go watch this one though as I said, I always dread going for movies.

Anyhoo, for God knows why, I got a little emotional today while watching Transformers. I know I have this catharsis syndrome in me but you might ask, Transformers? Cried? Really?

Yes. I wasn't like sobbing like booohooohoooohoooo like that, no, of course not. That would make me a weirdo and that might just freak the people around me in the cinema out.

I don't know but somehow I felt emotional about it. Maybe because that will be the last movie for the Transformers franchise? Is it? Or is it not?

I hope it's not. Or is it confirmed already?

If anyone knows, do have some mercy to inform me okay. 

The movie was awesome as usual. The new girl was HOT! Seen her before from Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and she is hot. Don't care if her acting sucks, but she is hot hot hot.

Why do I like Transformers?

Simply because I love the actions that go on in the movie. They're always heart-pumping and it gets my adrenalin pumping! Love the robots! Cool!

No matter how horrible the storyline and acting is, that would not matter to me cos I love the robots-fighting -scene and the actions shown in the movie.

I didn't watch it on 3D just now but I wonder how super awesome It would be like on 3D! Maybe I can watch again one more time, perhaps? Heeeeeeeee

For those who haven't watched Transformers and not a fan of the franchise, I feel sorry for you! Hahahaha


2 Comment:

edz said...

best ke transformer?? xpg tgk lagi, tapi smalam baru layan harry potter dengan sean... leh tahan gak harry potter... awek dalam transformer ni xleh lawan megan fox sbb tu x pg tgk lagi... why they change such a hottie... :O

Memer said...

Ntah la,sama je tahap "kepanasan" diorang,but if you talk about her acting,yeah,she's a newbie. Teruk la lakonan dia,hahaa

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