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Friday, August 12, 2011

My very own bundle shop :)

I always love Junkyard Sales/ Car boot sales/ Flea market or whatever you call it. Or even bundle, as it is famously known here in Malaysia. 

Some people may not like it due to the fact that they are selling some used stuffs or some no-longer-wanted possessions and tend to go euuuw at it. I once thought the same too. I find it kinda funny and strange to be buying some other people's stuffs.

But now, I find it really interesting because I don't see any harm or reason not to buy these secondhand items and goods especially if they are still in a good condition. In fact, you can sometimes find some really interesting items you've always wanted at a really affordable price.

When I was at Urbanscapes last month, I saw lots of vendors selling secondhand goods and I was thinking to myself that it would be really interesting if I get to open a booth or a stall selling my stuffs I wanna let go. This is because I have lots of things to let go especially my clothes. *One of the many reasons is I cannot fit into them anymore. Sigh*

All of them are still in good condition and some of them are used only for a few times.

There are Topman (which used to be my favorite brand. I will write more of that in the next pos), Zara, Guess, Padini and a few others. My sister also has lots of things to let go. So, I was thinking that It would be really nice if I could open a booth selling all of these goods.

But then I wonder, where would it be? Hahaha

There are some daily night market and weekly flea market here in Ipoh and I am considering of opening a booth there. Interesting kan? Nay? Heeee

I also had the idea of just selling off all of these clothes to my cousin who happens to have a bundle store recently opened here in Ipoh.

Am still contemplating because I don't see any reason of keeping all of these clothes anymore. I have very limited space in the closet and I now have no space to put my clothes anymore. T_T'''

I am gonna share pictures of the things I wanna let go here in my blog in the next post.

If anyone of you who happens to read my blog and is interested in any of the stuffs I am letting go, you can just drop a comment in the post. I promise the pictures will be up by Monday next week.

See y'all next week with all the pictures because I am going back home tomorrow! Yeay!


p/s: I hope it is not too late to wish everyone who is fasting, Happy Fasting and have a blessed Ramadhan!

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