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-Dale Turner-

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How much enough is enough??

I asked this question to myself?

How enough is enough?

I always find that things are just not enough for me.
Be it money, my results in examinations, the things I have, and so on.
I always like to compare what I have with others?
Is that normal?
That should not even be a question I guess.
Because comparing youslef with others will never do you good.
It causes more harm to me.

I admit that we have this term they call "kiasu" (sorry if the spelling is incorrect) and I believe it is not wrong to have that spirit of "kiasu" in you.
It is indeed needed especially when you talk about your performance in examinations, performance at work and things which are related to your jobs and assignements and stuffs like that because it will definitely drive you to strive and work harder to perfrom the best you can.

But in my case, it is different and I guess I have reached to a point where I do not know what I really want for myself.

It is sad because I am somehow driven by the influence of others and I am not ashamed of sharing this with people who might be reading my blog.
Because it bothers me.
It really does and I am losing the sense of who I really am, what I actually want for myself and what I really need to do for myself.
I need to put myself together and ask a lot of questions.
Or maybe I need to go seek help from the people who truly know me well.

2 Comment:

hojiayiing said...

kiasu, spelt correctly =)
well, guess we hv to learn not to compare. but a little comparison n kiasu-ness is good, acts a motivation. if not, life will hv no force, n dull..all the best memer!

MeMeR said...

yeah, a little push is indeed needed right?

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