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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How big a blogger can be...

Remember my blogspot on Urbanscapes 2011?

Malaysia's super-blogger, the pioneer to this whole blogging scene in Malaysia, Miss Joyce Wong aka KinkyBlueFairy had actually put a link to my Urbanscapes 2011 in her blogspost on Urbanscapes.

My picture with her was also featured in her post. *blushes*

I was really honored to be featured in her blog, although it was only a little tiny mention in that post.

The more exciting thing to me is I was shocked to have received almost 500 views for that post itself!

Isn't that awesome?

I mean just imagine how huge of a blogger she is that because of that link in that post, I received readers from not just Malaysia but from so many other countries and places which I sometimes have no idea where that is.

No surprise that bloggers can be such influential people. A simple example, BryanBoy.

No idea who that BryanBoy is? It's okay.


4 Comment:

Melancholic Fool said...

measures to get our voices heard huh...

but isnt it fun to get your voice recognized?


edz said...

A blogger can be very big, if the blogger is big! haha... :P

Memer said...

Azhar: Nah,that was not what I really wanted,but it's always fun to be featured in some other people's page :)

Memer said...

Ed: Ko nak kata aku gemuk ke? siut je

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