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Friday, June 3, 2011

Modelling aint that easy!

I now know why I am going to be a teacher instead of a model.

And to those of you who are still aspiring to be a model, I am not saying you can't.

Yes, you can and modelling probably suits you alright.

But it surely is not my thing.

I simply cannot be a model!

It's difficult, I tell you.

How would I know? Did I just model for CK or Emporio Armani?

That's just too ambitious. TOPMAN perhaps?

No! Hell NO! I would have told the whole entire world if I get that opportunity! daaaa

What exactly went down was, on the very last Sunday I was in college, my friends and I went out for some outing. We went to Istana Garden which I was dying to go and man, it was beautiful there.

What happened was they decided to have sorta a little photo shoot and I happened to be one of the models.

It was really embarrassing because there were loads of people there.

But I had to toughen myself up, thinking that "This is how a real model works, so I'm gonna do it like how it's done." Hahaha.

My two other friends were like professional models, striking their poses and I was like this little tiny "I'm so shy but I wanna be a model" model. Hahaha.

And Mr. Cameraman kept commenting that my face was emotionless that I kept giving the same expression in almost all pictures he snapped! That was awful! Argh!

From that moment, I know I am not model material and America's Next Top Model ain't no easy as I thought it was!

Wonder how my awful photos look like? Ok, don't say I didn't warn you that they are awful and you may just laugh your ass off if you want and worst yet, barf! hahahahaha

They are not that bad, right? Please tell me it is so! Arghhh

I have come to a realization that modeling ain't really my thing and I am just gonna stick to what I do best. Hahahaha

And to all model wannabes, I wish you all the best. You guys must indeed have some abso-fabu-lutely awesome skills in modelling! All the best! 

Oh  yeah, before I forget, I am FAT!

YES, I AM! *hates*



2 Comment:

cikdidasyuhada said...

memer...! bleh je ko jd model! comey gitu! ehehehe

Memer said...

malu malu *blushes*

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