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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rest in peace, Al-Fatihah

I couldn't believe that I would be so attached to my students in a very short period of time.

I was teaching in their school for hardly 3 months but it felt like I have been teaching them like forever.

I was lucky to get a such great school for my practicum and one of the things I liked best there was the cheer-leading squad. There are called Ignite All-Boys, and as the name suggests, yes, they are all-boys. Boys cheer-leading? Yes. And the girls squad has been in some way banned by the school.

Anyhoo, I didn't intend to talk about my involvement and participation in the cheer-leading squad (maybe in the next blogpost perhaps). However, I am here to write about one sad story about one of the cheerleaders, Aizat Akmal. He just passed away a couple of hours ago after being in a coma for over a week due to an accident involving him and the other two cheerleaders.

Just to cut the story short, he had a concussion in his head which apparently was bad and after an operation, he still couldn't get up and be in a conscious state of mind. So today, 8th of June, is the day where he leaves us all.

I was not really close to him throughout my involvement with the team but I knew him. He was the quite type and I remember the first time I met him in the library where I actually said Hi to him and asked him about the book he read. I thought he was a Chinese because he was reading some Chinese book or something but apparently he wasn't. That was my first encounter with him in the school until I got to know him from the cheer-leading team.

It is really sad. Really is. You left us a day before your birthday Kecik, 9th of June. That makes it even more sad. I am actually going to see all the boys on the 18th of June in KL for the Finals of S.O.X Drum and Dance competition which the group is taking part in. But he will not be there.

These kids are really close to me and they are close and dearest to my heart. I felt bad that I would not be able to visit him in the hospital for the very last time. I was not in JB. But I believe Allah loves him even more and He had a greater and bigger plan for him.

Everyone is mourning for the loss and all I can do now it to pray for him. I will always remember this kid. He was a great kid and may he rest in peace. May Allah bless him and his soul. Rest in peace, Kecik. :'(


 p/s: Happy Birthday Kecik. Happy Birthday.

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cikdidasyuhada said...

sdeynye...! may he rest in peace! alfatihah~~

Memer said...

I know, right? RIP

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