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Friday, July 22, 2011

How often do you wash your jeans?

This just came to my mind randomly when I was putting on my jeans just now.

Boys being boys (boy lagi ke aku ni masalahnya? haha), I don't wash my jeans like every time after I wear it. I will be washing them only after I use like 5 times, or more than that.

Disgusting much? Hahahahaha. Sorry for that.

But it's true. To me, the longer you let your jeans stay unwashed, the more comfortable it will be to wear them. I mean, really. No kidding. That's how I feel. At least to me, not generally.

I have a few pair of jeans in my closet but the one that I really love is the Levis jeans I bought over 4 years ago.

I just couldn't believe that I have had this jeans for that long period of time and I am still wearing and loving it like the first day I bought it. (even though it's a little ketat these days,arghhh!)

I don't know about girls but some of my guy friends said the same thing too.

Their jeans will feel more comfortable when it is worn many times without washing them.

Does it apply to you, people out there, the masses in general too?

Just wondering. Very random from me. Heeeeeeeeee


7 Comment:

Cik Bucken said...

xyah basuh la..bukan ade cecair plus sperm pon...

~ayahpin woooha!

edz said...

kat hostel dulu jarang basuh sbb jeans berat nak anta dobi.. haha! kat umah leh campak dalam washing machine je... wahaha!

Yvonne Ling said...

I seldom wash my jeans too (unless I sweat?) because the colour will fade faster and it will be loose faster too!

I love my Levi's too! =P

Memer said...

Ayah Pin: You're crazy!

Memer said...

Ed: Tpi klau basuh nnti dia jd mcm keras xselesa nak pkai!

Memer said...

To me, the more I wear it,the looser,or rather more comfortable it will become! hahaha

John Mike said...

I agree with memmer, I wash my jeans often too, just to get it loosen up a little, and make it more comfortable for me.

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